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FWICE - Nucleus of Indian Film Industry

FWICE is the pioneer of the Film Trade Union Movement in India. FWICE being a non-political organization, with no discrimination on the basis of religion, cast, community or gender, is the mother body of 22 Crafts' Associations, dedicated to the cause of cine employees, fostering brotherhood and promoting and safeguarding the economic and cultural interests of its members.

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Message for FWICE's Golden Jubilee Celebration

All India Film Employees Confederation
All India Film Employees Confederation also known as AIFEC is the All India Body of Film Industry's Trade Union having representations from all Regional Federations. AIFEC head Office is located at the FWICE Office in Mumbai.

General Council of FWICE
General Council is the general body of Federation that consists of 3 representatives from each of the 22 Affiliates of the Association.

National Executive Committee Details
National Executive Committee also known as NEC is one of the important Committee of our Federation. Its members have to attend AIFEC's all India Annual meeting.

Golden Jubilee Celebration
On account of completion of 50 glorious years of FWICE's existence in the Entertainment Industry, FWICE organized a Golden Jubilee Celebration Function on 1st of May 2012.

Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union Function
Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union has organized their Annual Function in which FWICE's General Secretary and other members participated.

BASERA - An Initiative by FWICE's President
"BASERA" literally means "Shelter for the Shelter-less" is an Initiative which was started by Mr. Dharmesh Tiwari, Hon. President of FWICE.

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